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The ROAZ Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) research program, focuses on marine robotics systems, namely design issues in surface autonomous robots, navigation and control problems, multiple (and eventually hetherogenous) robot coordination and envirnmental perception questions.

The application of autonomous systems in the marine environment for scientific, security, inspection and rescue missions is addressed.

Two autonomous surface robots where developed: ROAZ ASV a small size autonomous surface boat and the ocean operations ROAZ II ASV.


The autonomous marine surface robots were designed for environmental monitoring, bathymetry, science data gathering, search and rescue support and security missions. The ocean capable twin-hull ROAZ II has a set of sensors, ranging from thermographic camera, sidescan sonar to CTD allowing a diversified set of missions. The vehicles have performed several real operational scenario missions, from harbour security, bathymetry, autonomous AUV docking or ROAZ I technical demonstrations by invitation of the portuguese navy in NATO Swordfish 06 exercises.

A movie of ROAZ II ASV in radar based collision detection missions and autononomous bathymetry operations can be seen here (Xvid, 47Mb)